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The Handy Consultant was started to develop solution-based partnerships through consultancy, to increase accessibility to information and resources, and to reframe the entrepreneurship landscape. Therefore, The Handy Consultant uplifts creators, early-stage entrepreneurs, and small business owners by hosting solution-based thought-partnership sessions, workshops, and fellowship opportunities.

Available for thought partnership and speaking engagements


THC offers a series of workshops to share knowledge, fellowship, and build as a community

Let's change the world together by spreading awareness on the value of Unity and Collaboration.


Entrepreneurship has created a competitive landscape that pushes entrepreneurs into solitude and operating from a competitive mindset. 

It's time we take on the journey together, create a circle of similar mindsets, share information, hold each other accountable and grow as a community.


We deserve that!

The most successful businesses have developed a revenue model that leverages partnerships and collaboration. 


If you're tired of going at it alone, ready to reestablish trust, hold each other accountable, share knowledge, and value collaboration, pick a color today and spread the message.

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