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Empowering the next generation of young people to become leading entrepreneurs in their communities.


Our vision is to transform the entrepreneurial landscape and economic ecosystems by developing young, collaborative, and human-centered leaders for generations to come.

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Building young community leaders through real-world entrepreneurial applications & yielding tangible outcomes.



Fabiola Breton started The Handy Consultant during her capstone while attending Babson College to make consultancy accessible to inner-city businesses. Looking back on her experience as a student, she found an insurmountable advantage when combining her learnings as an entrepreneur and what she gained as a high school student developing her leadership skills and participating in various leadership development programs. When working with young entrepreneurs, she found that combining a leadership mindset and entrepreneurship will equip the next generation of changemakers and pioneers. She discovered that making leadership and entrepreneurial coaching available to high school students will give youth the jumpstart they need to build the confidence and transferable skills to dominate as community leaders, the next generation of business owners, and professionals beyond high school.

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