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Our Mission is to empower young humans to become leaders in their community.

Through an elevated entrepreneurial experience, young humans are able to start a business and develop leadership skills becoming the captains of their lives and change-makers in their community.



Entrepreneurship isn't just about building a business. It is about innovation and the accumulation of capital. Through a specialized course of study, young people develop a holistic view of the entrepreneurial landscape and will graduate from the program having acquired the skills to build a business that will be applicable beyond the program.

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A collaborative experience when building a small business is pivotal. Therefore we've integrated a thought partnership and accountability model into our programming. Ultimately, each cohort elevates co-creation and develops a communal marketing network which promotes group economics among them.


Leadership is one of the most elemental aspects of entrepreneurship and building a business. We found that developing a Leadership mindset and Self-awareness unlocks our participants' growth potential to build an unwavering foundation that can be applied to their everyday lives. 

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