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Consulting isn't only for Fortune 500 Companies! Small, medium and big businesses hit obstacles that are difficult to navigate. The only difference is that large companies tend to have the resources to contract consultants who bridge the gaps towards a more profitable outcome.

The Handy Consultant is on a mission to make solution-based partnerships more accessible to small and medium-sized companies by providing multi-tiered services.


  • A fresh perspective

  • Thought partnership

  • Strategies and solutions to a well-defined problem

  • Develop and implement systems

  • Expert and specialized advice

  • Accountability partner

Working from Home

Consultants identify and package the areas that stunt profitability. Companies call consultants when it's time to troubleshoot, and need an additional perspective.

Many corporations outsource and contract consultants to solve temporary issues or to seek ongoing solution-based advice. This thought partnership allows business owners and managers to focus on day-to-day activities while a consultant steps in to bridge the gaps.

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